Board of Directors



Dr. Silvia Brooks Williams

Vice President & Treasurer

Mr. Joseph Allen Provost, MA


Charles W. Moore, MA

Board Member

Dr. Lornia Parker

Board Member

Alicia Buchanan, MSW

Our Focus

Spiritual Development


Central to the working philosophy of Peoples United Summit is the understanding that a higher power controls all that we do and we must be guided by our sense of faith, hope, and charitable giving to those whom we encounter as we journey through life.

Human Trafficking


Peoples United Summit is an issues-oriented organization.  Ending human trafficking, which has been characterized by many as modern-day slavery, is a top priority. Our organization opposes any movement or operation that holds people in bondage.

Human Growth and Development


Throughout our various programs, we promote interaction and understanding between all people. Our mission is not bound by race, religion or national origin. All people are welcome to join, participate and contribute to our organization.

Dignity and Equality


At its founding, our organization believed that all people should be treated with dignity and that equality and hope should be fostered among all people. We are committed to partnering with those organizations, entities, and individuals that have a similar belief.



Peoples Unitesd Summit is an activist organization. We are involved in helping to feed those who are unable to feed themselves. We also aid victims of human and natural disasters.