We have continued our partnership with AT&T. Our focus is to help students prepare for college and to become college ready.

J. Christopher Anderson Ranch


We are proud to partner with Mr. CJ Anderson, Owner and CEO of J. Christopher Anderson Ranch. We have partnered to provide camping and fishing camps at the ranch.

Pope's Resource Center, LLC


We partnered with Pope's Resource Center, LLC to help provide trainings, social media management, and televison productions.

SMAART Incubator


We partnered with SMAART Incubator to provide economic literacy and development programs.

Sunnyside Place CDC


We partnered with Sunnyside Place CDC to provide programs and other services to help the Sunnyside Community.

State Representative Senfronia Thompson


We partnered with State Representative Senfronia Thompson to help provide services to senior citizens, to provide services to help end sex trafficing, and to help serve members of the Northside community.

The Next Move Re-entry Program


We partnered with The Next Move Re-entry Program to help provide services for ex-offenders trying to create their own business, re-connect with their families, and to end the school-to-prison pipeline.

Project Pyramid


We partnered with Project Pyramid to provide college readiness trainings to schools in Sunnyside and on Northside of Houston, TX.

Kappa Leaguers


We partnered with Mr. Bryan D. Tigner, phD canidate and his Kappa Leaguers 501c3  organization to provide archery, camping, and other activities to help strengthen the development of African American males attending Worthing High School.

Cole Rose & D.O.P.E Movement


We partnered with Cole Rose and her nonprofit organization, The D.O.P.E Movement, to help fulfill their mission to use the arts of acting, comedy, music, dance, fashion, crafting,songs, poetry, and movtivational speaking platform to impact young people.

Honorary Mayor of Sunnyside


We partnered with the honorary Mayor of Sunnyside to continue our outreach to seniors in the Sunnyside community.



We have partnered with H.E.B to continue to serve Sunnyside and Northside of Houston communities.