We Need You

We are always looking for great volunteers to help us with our community service projects. We work with college students, retirees, and seniors who are looking to help us meet our goals. 

We  do not offer paid internships, but we do offer internships. If you like camping, fishing, and boating, you should contact us at  832.423.3999 or email us at


Mr. Allen Provost @832.423.3999 or email us at

We Need Volunteers

Mr. Andre Matthews, Program Director


Mr. Andrew Matthews is our Program Director, Traine and Grant Writer. He is also a phD candidate with a passion for educating educators. Mr. Matthews is a Community Partner.

Dr. Sheila Pope, Social Media Manager


Dr. Sheila Pope is our Social Media Manager. She designed our Facebook, Twitter, and website. She manages all of our social media accounts. She is a television producer and CEO. Dr. Pope is a community partner.

Donald Flenoy, Explorer Post 1329 Program Manager


Mr. Donald Flenoy is the Program Manager for Explorer Post 1329. He creates activities, recruits, and manages day to day operation of program. Participants often volunteer to provide community services. We partner with other 501c3 organizations. To provide more social services in Houston, we need voluteers.

Mr. Craig Johnson, Dads' Program Manager


Mr. Craig Johnson serves as the Program Manager for Dads' Program. Mr. Johnson goes into partner school and works with singles dads. He creates activities to engage dads into their children's lives on school campuses.